Baby Gender Predictor Test
Baby Gender Predictor Test
Find Out the Many Ways to predict Baby Gender is a fun experience during pregnancy Learn the secret methods to Gender predictor

Is it a boy or a girl?" Without a doubt, this is the most popular question an expectant woman is asked. Even when many expectant parents try to be surprised the moment their infant comes into the world, they're fairly quickly starting to become the minority. With the use of technological innovations, including ultrasounds, about 9 out of 10 mothers and fathers are interested in guessing infant sex.

Do you think you're the kind of person that wants to prepare? Do you enjoy understanding the gender of newborn in pregnancy in order to furnish the nursery and buy gender distinct clothes? Forecasting newborn gender is simple to utilize and will help you with attaining the baby boy or girl you have always wanted. The sex selection methods for forecasting baby gender are safe, and all natural!

1) Chinese Calendar
If you wish to know whether your child will be a boy or a girl then you can use the
Predictor Test

Chinese calendar for predicting the sex of your child. You just have to know the month of conception and your age on conception for getting accurate baby predictions. For example, if your age was 33 and the month was June on conception then your baby will be a girl. Chinese lunar calendars are available on the internet. You can easily enter the details and get the answer. This method of baby predictions is highly accurate if you know the exact month of conception.

2) Heartbeat
The heartbeat is another way which can help you in guessing baby gender.
It is believed that the fetal heartbeat is different among boys and girls. If you get a fetal heartbeat above 140,

you will have a girl. If it is below 140, you will have a boy. Science,

once again, argues with this belief. Science posts it that a baby's heart rate does not have anything to do with gender until the baby is born

3) Body temperature
Another factor when conceiving a specific gender is body temperature.

Since the body has the tendency to change its natural temperature throughout the day,

you should plan out on making love with your partner depending on your body temperature.

Baby boy sperm has a higher chance of thriving in a colder environment so making love in the morning would be best.

On the other hand, baby girl sperm does better in a warmer environment so you should have make love in the afternoon.

4) Morning Sickness 

Another "old wives tale" uses morning sickness as a way of predicting the gender of your baby.

You are pregnant with a boy if you don't get sick in the beginning of your pregnacy.

You will be having a girl if your morning sickness lasts through out the pregnancy. Again, remember it's an old wives tale

5) Female Orgasms
Astonishingly, whether or not a female has an orgasm throughout sexual intercourse can impact the chances of conceiving a boy or girl.

When a woman orgasms, the PH balance becomes far more alkaline, which can be conducive to a boy.

Therefore, the female really should avoid having an orgasm altogether if a girl is preferred

6) Ultrasound

If your baby is positioned correctly, you can detect your baby's gender approximately 16 weeks after conception. An ultrasound is a medical method used during pregnancy to detect possible baby defects, to accurately count and determine your due date and to check the growth, size and the gender of your baby. The exam makes use of sound waves which are usually above the range of human hearing. These waves facilitate the creation of images of the organs within the mother's body. As the waves bounce back from your body back to the machine, the reflection of the waves is analyzed by the computer and is turned into pictures. If you want a more advance output, you can take a 3D ultrasound and a keepsake picture or video of your unborn baby. While the ultrasound has proven to be 95% accurate, there remains a very few situations wherein the wrong gender is advised.

7) Urine

Urine sample of a pregnant lady also helps in baby gender prediction. The urine tests like Intelligender Pink or Blue gender test or the drano test can tell you if you are a future mother of a baby boy or a girl as early as 6 weeks of conception. The percentage of accuracy with these tests still hangs around 80% whereas the results of drano test are claimed to reach the accuracy level of 100 percent.

8) Old Wives Tales

Once a woman is pregnant, she will encounter many opinions on predicting baby gender is based on old wives tales. These tales are a form of urban legend that is passed down between women from one generation to the next. These tales often pertain to the common topics of pregnancy, puberty and nutrition. It is important to know that these tales usually involve superstition, myths, and unverified claims that often exaggerate the truth or untrue details. Although the old wives tales relating to pregnancy are still only 50% accurate, they are still fun to apply. Click here to Read >> Old Wives Tales

Hopefully this little article has given you a lot of fun, and I am sure that no matter what the gender is of your new baby, you will be absolutely delighted with it.