Determining Your Baby's Gender
Determining Your Baby's Gender
Find Out the Many Ways to predict Baby Gender is a fun experience during pregnancy Learn the secret methods to Gender predictor

Determining Baby's Gender
Even in modern times, many women still use some peculiar and mythical way s to determine the gender of their baby. Nowadays the only reliable way to find out whether you are carrying a baby boy or a baby girl is to take an ultrasound scan, this can usually be done at around the 20 weeks into your pregnancy.

Here we are going to take a look at some of the fore mentioned ways, by all means try them all out but under no circumstances should you rely on them, we mention them here just for your entertainment.

Carrying High or Carrying Low Method.

The position of the baby during your pregnancy is thought to be an indication of the baby's gender. For example, if you are carrying the baby high, then it's a girl and if you are carrying low, then the chance is you are having a boy. Medically we believe that the position of the baby is due simply to muscle tone.

The Answer is in Your Urine.

The urine test calculates the baby's sex by taking mixing a sample of your urine with Drano a sort of salt crystal, which according to Wikipedia is the crystal form is composed of sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrate, sodium chloride, and aluminium. The resulting color that forms is the deciding factor in the gender calculation, however there is no information as to what color should be paired to which sex, and neither is there any scientific proof, so we suggest the you take this method with, shall we say, a pinch of salt.

Fast and Slow Heartbeats

Now this one is very famous and still today many midwives still abide by it, the general rule is that a baby's heart beat of over 140 will be that of a girl and under 140 then it is a boy. Today's advances and research in medicine, passes this off nonsense. Well that is up until labor where a girls heart beat will increase to a much faster level that a boys, but by this time I guess you will already know the result.
Sugar and spice and all things nice.

Many women crave all sorts of different foods and in some cases other non edible things during their pregnancy and some would have it that if you crave more sweet foods than sour foods it is because you are having a girl. Now this would give credibility to the story that girls are mad e of sugar and spice, but somehow, as sweet as some girls are, we don't believe this one.

The Chinese Birth Calendar

This one is very interesting and has been around for centuries and according to many it has been quite accurate. This one is basically a chart that matches up the ladies age at the time of conception which allowed the ancient Chinese to pre determine the sex of their baby before they get pregnant as I cannot put the chart here there is a reference to it below.

Hopefully this little article has given you a lot of fun, and I am sure that no matter what the gender is of your new baby, you will be absolutely delighted with it.