Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Shower Gifts
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When it comes to baby shower gifts, anyone can make their own baby gift basket. Do-it-yourself baby gift baskets can be very fun and personal. By following a few ideas below, one can make her own baby gift basket that will standout at the baby shower.

To have or not to have a theme for the baby gift basket. One should decide whether to make a themed baby gift basket or not. There's a lot of themes to choose from, one of the most popular is the gender-based theme. A DIY baby gift basket for the upcoming little girl may arrive in pink palette, or blue if it is a little boy. For a more fun and playful theme, one can come up with a DIY baby gift basket that features cartoon characters, sports team, movies and fairytale. Otherwise, consider gender neutral theme if the baby's gender is not yet known.

Picking the tight basket is an ideal thing to do. One must consider the size and color of the, depending on the gifts that will be tucked inside. A large basket would be perfect if the giver is thinking of giving lots of items, including stuffed animals. Any kind of container would do, be it a traditional wicker basket; baby bath tub; laundry basket; or a simple bucket so long as it can accommodate a number of fillers. The latter containers are available at local craft stores and shopping malls. Gift baskets can be decorated and spray paint according to the giver's desire.
The most fun part when making DIY baby gift basket is choosing the items to go into the gift basket. There is a lot of adorable baby items and accessories that can be tucked inside the basket, such as baby bottles; booties; onesies; baby blankets; hats; socks; pacifiers; bibs; burp cloths; baby shampoo and soap; rattles; and the likes. A giver may choose to pick items that reflects a theme, like focusing on baby bath items, baby dishes, or nursery items.

Making DIY baby gift baskets is actually pretty easy to do. A well-thought gift basket need not be too expensive, because all it takes is creativity and imagination. Thinking outside-the-box can really make sense, as well as allowing creativity to shine.

On the other hand, pre-made baby gift baskets are available both in local and online market today. They come in various themes and creative ideas that will sure to impress new moms. Find personalized baby gift baskets that will let givers include their own personal touch. A personalized baby gift basket may contain embroidered newborn clothing, engraved picture frames, personalized baby blankets, personalized baby books, and the likes. Most of these personalized baby items are available online. Thousands of online stores are carrying various baby items that can be personalized according to the customers' desires. Plus, if bought online, purchases are sure to be less expensive than what a giver must pay at a local gift store.